Often we are being asked how the courses take place. Here are some impressions about our intense course holistic tattoo removal in the gallery below.

Our training staff focuses on delivering practical skills and knowledge for your future profession.

The Arche Medica school for naturopaths is situated in a Villa from the 1930´s charmingly furnished and in close contact with the training Staff. Training facilities include beamer, screen and wifi as well as a cosy recreation area. Classes are supported by Powerpoint presentations and online media. Detailed scripts and additional information come in a handy folder with extra space for your notes to take home with you.

Berlin-Friedenau is a central but quiet neighbourhood with small Pensions and Hotels for you to stay at. We offer a list of Hotels and places on demand.

Besides the theoretical training, pictures below show real laser practice on tattoolos customers that offered to participate in the course. You get to practice in a real yet save treatment situation supported by our staff with years of experience in tattoo removal, so you can make your first steps under guarded supervision.


You get to practice on different laser Systems to figure out, what the differences are, how to handle the different systems and what system might be right for you. Guarded by our Laser protection officer testing your skills and understanding of laser handling. You will practically understand differences between high- end medical lasers and cheaper Asian ones.

We are happy to share our eight years of practical experience with you. Having removed all kinds of tattoos from all over the world. You can ask all your questions and we will get into discussions about latest topics on the issue.

The Fotona laser System we provide in the course works with four different bandwidths to get good results with black, red, green and yellow coloured tattoos. The pictures below show different laser caps we are going to work with.

Included in the course is a certificate as laser protection officer, enabling you to work with a class four laser in Germany.

You will also learn about skin textures, the lymphatic system, and the immune system, all involved in the process of tattoo removal. We will make you fit in all issues concerning tattoo removal.


Here you see a part of our 2014 graduates exhausted but happy. Having just gotten their certificate.

You might have thought about how the colour particles are washed out of the body, after laser treatment. You will also get to know natural products designed to support that process.

We also teach about different plants and substances aiding the process of colour removal.

During brakes, refreshments and snacks, as well as tea and coffee, are beeing served. Nuts, fruits and sweets will help to keep your energy level up during the six days intensive course.

Pictures can only show a small part of the course so please don´t hesitate to contact us for all your questions. We also offer contact to graduates of the course so you can get the whole picture before enrolling.

We are happy to get to know you personally.