The demand for tattoo removal is on a yearly rise. Different life circumstances, a change of image or a career change are typical reasons for a tattoo removal.

Since founding the tattoolos studios in 2008 demand for a professional tattoo removal is on the rise. Tattoolos is today´s leading specialist for tattoo- and permanent Makeup removal in Germany. Find your tattoolos expert here: professional tattoo removal

Eight years of experience with thousands of customers are now bundled up in tattoolos medica.

Up to today no high- quality education on tattoo and permanent Makeup removal by laser has been available. A day or weekend course as often offered is not enough to learn holistic tattoo removal in depths. There are no standardised requirements for tattoo removal via laser up to now. Only a one- day laser- protection course dealing with rules and safety regulations of running a class 4 laser system is required. This is true for Germany and may differ from country to country. Please contact your local authorities for further information as we can´t make valid assertions on rules and regulations in your country or area.

In our perception, the courses available till today neither enable a responsible application of a class four laser on a human beeing nor do they facilitate delicate and effective tattoo and Permanent-Make-up removal. For this reason, we developed the six- day course “holistic tattoo removal”. Our aim is to teach professional, effective and gentle tattoo removal to anybody interested in the field. We are aware that using a class four laser on the skin is a delicate and responsible issue and that misuse causes damage not only to the skin but to the reputation of professional tattoo removal via laser.

In cooperation with our training staff including Naturopaths, Chemists, laser removal professionals, textbook authors and partners we train our attendees as good as possible on their way to becoming a professional in the field of tattoo and permanent-Make-up removal.

A good education is crucial to get the best results, reputation and satisfied customers.

Tattoolos medica stands for high- quality education, modern laser technique and a course concept based on knowledge and experience.

Utilise the advances of a professional partnership and ensure your financial success with our tattoolos- partner system