A warm welcome to tattoolos medica- your specialist in high- quality education in the field of tattoo removal. We offer courses on holistic tattoo removal and permanent Make Up via laser, focusing on gentle and effective methods and techniques.

Successful tattoo removal is based on knowledge

what we learned in 8 Years of experience and thousands of treatments is that lasering is nothing to be learned on a weekend, especially when it comes to tattoo and permanent Make Up removal. There are different regulations for the use of a class four laser all over Europe. In Germany, for example, you only need a course to ensure you are able to handle a laser and know about how to create a safe environment for lasering (Laser safety officer). Nothing further is needed, before you are allowed to point a laser on a human beeing. Even in countries where there are only medical Doctors allowed to use a laser, often there is no special course needed on how to actually use a laser for an effective tattoo removal. This can be potentially dangerous for customers and patients and we´ve seen more than one laser „tortured“ tattoo with heavily blistered skin due to wrong lasering or aftercare instructions.

This is why tattoolos medica offers six- days courses, focusing only on the subject of tattoo and permanent Makeup removal.

We bundled up years of experience in tattoo removal, laser technique and use of natural remedies in aftercare in our certified course „holistic tattoo removal“, for the first time available in English to make this course available to prospects all over Europe.

A responsible use of laser systems can´t be learned over the weekend nor can a good tattoo removal. To offer a thorough education, based on the experience and high- quality standards of our 12 tattoo removal Studios in Germany and Switzerland, we tailored this six days intensive course.

Modern medical Laser Technique meets Naturopathy

Applying latest laser technique carefully and effective to the tattooed skin is only one part of a successful tattoo removal process. Over the years we found traditional herbal remedies supportive in tattoo removal. For skin care as well as helping to get the tattoo colour and its sometimes toxic ingredients out of the system. Part of the course is learning how different herbs and herbal remedies can be used as a soft and helpful support.

Learn all about our unique holistic tattoo removal concept.

Studying tattoo removal effectively

Modules of our six days intense course: Basics- specialising- practical skills

Our course always starts from scratch. To understand what is happening in the customer´s skin and body during a laser treatment, basic knowledge of skin, blood, lymphatic system and the immune system is essential. Having gained an understanding how these systems are important in tattoo removal the second part is learning everything about tattoo removal itself, including laser technique, tattoo colours, cares and precautions.

„Knowledge is empty without practice“ this is why the third part of the course focusses on practicing on real tattoos under supervision, to get a feel for the actual process of tattoo removal including making your customer feel comfortable, ask the right questions to ensure there are no contraindications for lasering, getting the feel of lasering and good practice aftercare to ensure best results.


  • Unique training concept
  • Experienced staff
  • Hands on training
  • High value content
  • Modern laser technique

6 Days Compact course

(48 hrs)
Day 1 Skin
  • function and structure
  • skin types
  • skin disease and contraindications
  • hygenics and precautions
Day 2 Blood and immunity system
  • red blood cells - function and structure
  • white blood cells - function and structure
  • immunity system and tattoo removal
Day 3 tattoos and tattoo colours
  • tattoos and tattoo styles
  • colors ingredients and effects
  • tattoo assassement
  • permanent make up assassement and precautions
Day 4 tattooremoval
  • questionare
  • tattooremoval techniques
  • laser tattoo removal
  • laser and different colors
  • after care
  • side effects and precautions
  • contraindications
Day 5 holistc tattoremoval/ natural remedies
  • kidney, liver, lymphatic system
  • detoxification and tattoo removal
  • herbal remedies
  • supportive nutrition
Day 6 Laser Technique and practice
  • customer contracts and best practice
  • treatment documentation
  • lasertechnique and ND YAG lasers
  • laser practice
  • rules and regulations
  • hands on training

Who can apply?

Our Course holistic tattoo removal is designed for Naturopaths, medical Doctors, medical professionals, tattoo artists, cosmetologists as well as therapists and non- professionals wanting to get an education in tattoo removal via laser. No prior knowledge is needed to participate in the course.

Dates 2018

February training 2018

(Monday to Saturday 9-16h)

05.02.2018 - 10.02.2018

July/August training 2018

(Monday to Saturday 9-16h)

30.07.2018 - 04.08.2018

October/November training 2018

(Monday to Saturday 9-16h)

29.10.2018 - 03.11.2018


The course fee is 1950 € Plus tax (unless you are not running your business in Germany) 2320,50 €.

Terms and conditions will be sent to you with further info material to be ordered via the contact form on the right.


Scripts, certificates, snacks and drinks

Terms and conditions will be sent to you before applying

Training staff

Markus Lühr

managing director tattoolos GmbH

Heidi Riebel

naturopath and detox expert

Isabelle Guillou

managing director Arche Medica school

Dr. Bernd Henne


Peter Ziguri

tattoo artist

Marvin Ferguson

Expert for permanent makeup and permanent makeup removal

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